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February 20, 2018

Paris Climate Accord: Trump pulls America out of another Obama disaster

President Trump has kept another campaign promise to the American people for pulling the United States out of the job-killing, economy-destroying Paris Climate Accord. Another one of the United Nations debacles.

In December of 2015, then President Obama, dragged the United States into the climate agreement. He did this without any input from Congress or even the American people. This deal was so bad for America that Obama wouldn’t send it to Congress to be looked at and voted upon as any legit deal should be.

Obama knew that the deal would be detrimental to the economy of the United States. It would cause job losses, increase the cost of power, and even destroy whole industries.

The agreement is based upon voluntary enforcement of the agreed upon restrictions and cuts to greenhouse gases. It is an agreement without teeth – totally useless even if it was a good agreement (which it isn’t).

China, the world’s largest greenhouse gas contributor, is in the agreement but will not actually participate until around 2020, maybe, if they feel it would be in their interest to do so.

The United States has already been cutting it’s greenhouse emissions, not by government intrusion, but by private-sector technological improvements. The Accord offers the United States absolutely zero benefits but much destruction.

The whole premise of the Paris Climate Accord is based upon false, and falsified, data. The Accord presumes that it is humans that are creating global warming, which they now call climate change. There is absolutely no evidence that humans are a contributing factor to greenhouse gases causing the Earth to warm up.

There is plenty of falsified data showing what the global environmental groups want you to see. There have been numerous reports that have come out verifying that the Paris Accord was working from falsified data, yet they continued on down that road.

Thanks to President Trump, America will be much more prosperous and successful now that we have the Climate Accord monkey off of our back.


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