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February 20, 2018


Democrats Just Don’t Get the Second Amendment

Today, if you ask a Democrat what the purpose of the Second Amendment is they’ll stumble around their words and say something along the lines that it is for the Government to protect itself from others. Some will even say that it was for a time long ago and isn’t needed anymore. That wasn’t always

Republican National Convention and the “Romney Rule”

Just like the Democrats, the Republican party tries its best to maintain control of who the party insiders want to be the Presidential Nominee. Sometimes they shoot themselves in the foot. Before the 2012 Republican Convention convened, the Rules committee created what I call the “Romney Rule”. They shot themselves in the foot! It is

Is Bill Clinton’s Sexual Deviancy Fair Game?

Yes. Absolutely Yes. I don’t say this because what Bill did was inexcusable and just so wrong but because of how Hillary has dealt with and responded to it over the years. At this point during the election, it is all about Hillary’s actions – not Bill’s. What are some of those actions of hers: