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February 20, 2018


Constitutional Taxes: What is an Indirect Tax

I’m going to talk a bit more in-depth about Indirect Taxes. To get a primer on what type of taxes are allowed by the Constitution read Constitutional Taxes by yours truly. Okay, let’s jump in to the most interesting of the Indirect Taxes – Excises. An Excise is a tax on a profitable privileged activity.

Constitutional Taxes

The United States Constitution allows only two types, or classes, of taxes to be used. They are Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes. In this article I will explain what the two types are and why the Constitution limits taxation to only these two classes. In later articles I’ll dive deeper into each class of tax

Democrats Just Don’t Get the Second Amendment

Today, if you ask a Democrat what the purpose of the Second Amendment is they’ll stumble around their words and say something along the lines that it is for the Government to protect itself from others. Some will even say that it was for a time long ago and isn’t needed anymore. That wasn’t always