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February 20, 2018


Welcome to Stop the Madness!

This is the place where I’ll be discussing the issues of the day that drive me to sheer wonderment at the madness of them. Since these will be my opinions and thoughts I am sure that not everybody will agree with me and some will even think that I have gone “mad” myself. This is okay. I welcome lively, honest and adult debate and discussion. If you are not mature enough for that then please go elsewhere.

As for who I am and where I stand I try and make it plain for all to see. I am a Bible believing Christian who tries to follow the teachings of Jesus, the Son of God. I am a proud citizen of the United States of America and I do NOT apologize for our greatness because it comes from the hand of God. My political and social beliefs lie at the conservative end of the spectrum. I believe that Capitalism is good for our Country and Socialism is not.

I believe in a much less intrusive Federal government like our Founding Fathers laid out in the Constitution. Oh yeah, I still believe that the Constitution is still valid and correct, unlike Nancy Pelosi’s belief system. I believe that America is an exceptional nation and that we have a special place in the grand scheme of things (i.e. God’s plans), unlike Obama’s beliefs.

I believe in the sovereignty of Israel and Her right to protect Her citizens.

If my statements urge you to cry, “Foul” and “Hater”, then by all means please take your blinders and yourself elsewhere. On the other hand, if you would like to join an open-minded lively debate forum then please stick around and participate.

Some of the maddening topics that I’ll be covering, in no particular order, are:
– International Scams (e.g. Global Warming, United Nations)
– Unions gone bad
– Why our civil liberties are disappearing
– Political “Correctness”
– The English language is our National language
– Affirmative Action vs hiring discrimination laws
– Terrorism
– Our weak Foreign Policy
– Rogue Presidents and Politicians
– What has happened to Biblical Principles
– The deterioration of our social fabric
– Double standards
– Equality for All (Why do we give fringe groups special rights?)
– Immigration – legal and illegal
– NSA, IRS, FBI, CIA, etc.
– Environmental Protection Agency fraud
– Anything else that irks me on a certain day

There are new and maddening issues happening everyday it seems – no shortage of material to discuss / debate.

So, if you’ve read this far then I welcome you to stick around and participate. Invite your friends also. We’ll have a jolly good time!

Here are some basic ground rules:
1) Be respectful to others. Don’t call them names and such.
2) All viewpoints are welcome but that doesn’t imply they are agreeable to everyone.
3) If someone disagrees with your opinion that doesn’t automatically make them a hater.
4) Keep in mind that the NSA will probably be listening due to the topics discussed.